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9AM - 5PM
Walker's Reserve, St. Andrew, Barbados

Walkers Reserve Bioblitz

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9AM to 3PM - Syntropic Agriculture Workshop($25/person) - Join CPRI for a thrilling workshop where you explore Walkers Reserve, discover the wonders of Syntropy, and observe the effects of this permaculture technique.

1PM to 2:30PM - BioBlitz($15/person) - Sign up for our BioBlitz where you'll have the opportunity to learn about biodiversity through fun and exciting activities while adding to Barbados' database of flora and fauna using the iNaturalist app.

Join our BioBlitz where you and your kids can take part in a variety of fun and exciting activities geared toward teaching you about biodiversity.

BioBlitz activities Include:

  • Pour-a-Pond - This activity involves creating a small pond-like structure filled with water obtained from one of our ponds. We will then be identifying all the organisms observed within this water body using identifying charts.
  • Soil Search - We're doing some digging! Participants with be taken to our planting area where they will dig and search for organisms within the soil. They will be given an identification chart to assist in identifying soil organisms
  • Plant & Animal Search - For the final activity, participants will be given a map of Walkers Reserve and they will take a walk around the Reserve, identifying and capturing photos of various plants and animals

3PM to 5PM - Pet Hike(Adults $20/Kids 3-12 Yrs $10) - At Walkers Reserve, we appreciate all animals! Take part in our Pet Hike where you and your pet will walk through winding trails while taking in the beauty of Walkers Reserve.

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