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Sustainable Marine Financing Project: Funding Database

The Sustainable Marine Financing Project (SMF) supports capacity building for Marine Protected Area (MPA) and Marine Managed Area (MMA) Management and Operations, with a focus on improving the financial positioning of the MPA/MMAs by facilitating the development and implementation of sustainable/long term financial approaches, with emphasis on marrying these instruments and approaches with the opportunities afforded by the respective National Conservation Trust Funds which were established through the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund. The SMF Project is implemented jointly between German International Corporation (GIZ) and the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA).

Through the SMF Project, this funding database was developed principally for use by the MPA Partners of the SMF Project, namely: SMMA (St. Lucia); SCMMA & TCMPMPA (St. Vincent and the Grenadines); MBMPA & SIOBMPA (Grenada/Carriacou); SSMR/LAMA & CAPMA (Dominica).

This Funding Database contains a list of the funding opportunities which were available in 2021.  Of course, while some of the call deadlines have expired, there is the possibility that these projects/funders will have new calls for funding opportunities in the future.  Thus, the contact information for these funding opportunities has been shared so you can contact them to establish contact and obtain information on new opportunities.  Other information contained within the Funding Database are the Project Names and Focus Areas, Source of Funds, Beneficiary Countries and Partners  and where available timelines and approximate values of these opportunities.

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