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Grenada National Sustainable Development Plan 2020- 2035 Final Report (2019)

This National Sustainable Development Plan (NSDP) is the anchor for Grenada’s development agenda and priorities for the period 2020-2035. It provides strategic direction to steer the Tri-island State toward achieving Vision 2035 and as such, it puts forward localised solutions that are aimed at fundamentally improving the way we as Grenadians live, work, treat our natural environment, and interact with our institutions and each other. In so doing, it provides an opportunity for significant national transformation. The Plan is firmly grounded in Grenadian realities and is built on the aspirations of the Grenadian people. It has been formulated on broad-based extensive and intensive dialogue with Grenadians across all spheres and walks of life. It identifies pathways to: ✓ Empower Grenadians to see themselves as being capable of achieving greatness. ✓ Change mindsets away from limitations and toward possibilities. ✓ Elevate the level of consciousness, patriotism, spirituality, and care for each other. ✓ Strengthen communities, reduce inequality, and promote social justice. ✓ Transform the economy to make it more competitive, productive, and dynamic to expand opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship. ✓ Preserve and protect Grenada’s natural environment. ✓ Strengthen governance and institutions. 


Area of interest: Grenada 

Year: 2016

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