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Management and Conservation of Reef Biodiversity and Reef Fisheries Pilot Project: Governance assessment for Pedro Bank, Jamaica Research Paper

Detailed assessments of governance architecture such as the one carried out in this study for  
the Pedro Bank are few. Technical assessments of resources and their habitats are far more  
common. The purpose of the assessment carried out here is to dissect and display the suite of  
governance arrangements for the major governance issues identified for Pedro Bank in order to  
facilitate discussion among stakeholders. This discussion can lead to shared perceptions of what  
should be in place, what principles should be prominent and how the system should be  
structured. The assessment is not intended to provide a prescriptive output regarding what  
should be in place. Nonetheless, some broad observations can be made on aspects of the  
system that need attention if arrangements are to be structured in way that is likely to lead to  
effective governance, including the promotion of intersectoral and inter-issue integration that  
is needed for an ecosystem approach.


Area of Interest: Jamaica 

Year: 2013

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