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At the Water's Edge- AWE Grenville Bay Area - Grenada (Telescope, Grenville, Soubise and Marquis) (2018)

At the Water’s Edge or AWE, is a multi-year project utilizing coastal resilience approaches to demonstrate innovative, cost effective solutions to address coastal climate impacts on the island of Grenada. The solutions are scalable, and can be replicated by other Small Island Developing States (SIDS) contending with similar climatic issues. AWE’s main goal is to work with coastal communities to enhance their resilience to the impacts of climate change, using ecosystem based adaptation (EbA) or nature-based solutions, alternatives to traditional grey infrastructure. 

Implemented through two major components; a Socio-Economic (non-structural) and a Reef (structural) Component, AWE’s Living Edge Plan; a series of linked actions with policies to strengthen coastal communities’ resilience, was developed in collaboration with the targeted communities, local and international partners and government agencies. Grounded in sound science, AWE builds upon the Government’s articulated strategies for climate adaptation and mitigation, while also addressing specific Sustainable Development Goals.


Area of interest: Grenada  
Year: 2018

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